In line with international systems in place in, Saudi Arabia has begun to implement the so-called certificates of conformity for all products imported to the Kingdom. This certificate includes three main stages: inspection according to ISO 17020, testing in accordance with ISO 17025 and certificate of conformity in accordance with ISO 17065. Therefore, SASO has launched a new program called SABER for the technical file of imported products. 

The trader, the conformity assessment Body (CAB), and the local legal representative of CAB in Saudi Arabia. Since the trader may choose the product to be supplied and would like to issue its certificate of conformity and choose the legal representative of CAB in Saudi Arabia and determine the geographical area of ​​the product, and then the legal representative of the CAB to take the necessary further actions and steps.

Hasanah Business Services Co (HBSC), which acts as the legal representative of various conformity assessment bodies issuing CoC for products imported to Saudi Arabia, undertakes to apply all regulations in the Kingdom impartially, and transparently, ensuring that all products supplied by it as a legal representative comply with these regulations.

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